Travel medical insurance information

Travel medical insurance or health insurance is designed to reimburse you for emergency hospital/medical expenses incurred, over and above those that provincial health plans such as OHIP will cover, while travelling outside of Canada.

Supplementary travel medical insurance policies vary from insurance company to insurance company. However, in most cases they include coverage for the following emergency health care services:

  • Hospital room accommodation and stays
  • Incidental expenses related to your hospital stay
  • Licensed physician fees
  • Outpatient services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Medical appliances when prescribed by a licensed physician such as splints and casts emergency dental care

Without supplementary travel medical insurance, individuals could expose themselves and their families to considerable financial obligations. In many cases coverage is provided for acute, unexpected conditions or illnesses, diseases or injury that occurs outside of Canada that require immediate treatment. Many insurance providers will not cover pre-existing conditions. It is important to fully understand the coverage obtained and the limitations prior to traveling. Insures also have exclusions on things such as self-inflicted injuries, drug and alcohol abuse and injuries as a result of activity such as scuba diving, hang-gliding and many others.

Read each policy you are offered carefully and make sure you understand each insurance company's terms and definitions. If you are unsure of anything, ask questions and obtain information prior to traveling.

Questions to ask when searching for supplementary travel medical insurance:

  • Is there an age limit or medical criteria for who can apply?
  • Do I have sufficient coverage already through my employee benefits?
  • Do I have sufficient coverage already through my credit cards?
  • What is the maximum amount each policy will pay above province medical insurance limits?
  • What does the insurer define as a pre-existing condition? And does it affect my coverage?
  • Are there any medical exclusions that may apply to me?
  • What is the deductible amount if there is one?
  • Does the policy contain a co-payment clause?
  • If I do require treatment, do I have to cover up front costs initially or does the insurance company pay the hospital or physician directly?
  • Are there limitations on the coverage as a result of specific activity such as sports?
  • Is approval needed from the insurer prior to seeking medical treatment?
  • If my trip is extended, how do I extend my coverage?

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