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TorVest is a professional and unique real estate and investment property advisory firm located in Toronto, Canada that provides full service real estate broker services for both buyers and sellers through Century 21 Regal Realty Inc., Brokerage. Our Advisors and Realtors have over 20 years of investment advisory experience working with major Canadian financial institutions and independent financial services companies and advise and provide services with regards to Toronto investment properties.

TorVest advisors, through Century 21 Regal Realty Inc., Brokerage mainly work with Toronto real estate and investment properties including duplexes, triplexes, multi-residential properties, apartment buildings, condominiums and commercial properties. We view real estate in Toronto as a key core asset in an investor's portfolio. Investors are provided with analytical advice on property values using a variety of methods including the income approach, the sales comparison approach and the cost approach. For TorVest, it is all about return on equity and we understand the Toronto real estate market and specifically the investment property sector.


Our philosophy is not a simple one. In fact, our philosophy is extremely complex and it involves a substantial amount of analytic work and research. We believe in value, cash flow and income. We utilize a proprietary property selection process and analysis template to select suitable areas and properties.

Our philosophy includes:

Focus on Toronto Real Estate
We only work in the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto is Canada's largest and most vibrant city. We know and understand the city and will work with investors looking to make investments into the Toronto real estate market.

Analytical and Cash Flow
TorVest provides advisory services to investors based on a wide scale of financial and analytical data. We review economic and housing trends and consider location factors, supply and demand factors and other influencing factors in providing advisory services to investors. Capital appreciation is a desired long term goal, as is the immediate cash flow generated from an investment.

Every investor has unique circumstances. Our advisors work with investors to ensure the proper structure is put in place prior to making an investment. TorVest places a higher degree of importance on net returns rather than gross returns. We work with investors in providing advisory services to ensure tax efficiency and review an individual's, family's or corporation's structure to ensure options are provided to investors which may reduce Canadian income tax and increase net returns.

Investment Properties
Our advisors understand residential and commercial investment properties. They are experienced financial advisors and planners and understand investment returns. TorVest advisors do not provide services to individuals looking to purchase principal residences in most cases. Exceptions can be made in some cases where individuals are looking to purchase real estate in up and coming areas expected to increase in value, or when individuals are looking for real estate whereby they would be occupying one unit in a multi-residential home.

TorVest provides annual reporting and valuation for the real estate investment portfolio we manage for you in most cases. Most real estate investors have other investments. Investors can use our reports to assess their real estate investment holdings or use it along with their other investment reports to review their overall portfolio. We recommend that we review your portfolio at least annually. Annual reporting fees may be incurred by investors.

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