Investment Management Fees

Many professional money managers and investment counsellors that deal with high net worth investors charge investment management or portfolio management fees, based on the size on the investorís portfolio.† In some cases, fees are charged based on individual assets, and in other cases fees are based on combined assets of a household. Fees in many cases are based on †a tier structure; therefore the higher dollar amount, the lower the percentage charged.

Investment Management fees are not hidden or embedded into pool values and mutual fund unit values.† They are charged directly to the investor, either inside the accounts or paid separately.

Investment management and portfolio management fees charged on non-registered accounts are deductible for income tax purposes.† Investors should not make investment decisions based on fees and fee structures alone.† Individuals should take into consideration their level of investment experience, investment objectives, time horizon and their risk tolerance level.†

Investment returns are not necessary better or higher as a result of dealing with individual portfolio managers and investment managers.†

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