No-load funds

No-Load mutual funds do not charge any type of sales load. In most cases there are no trading costs associated with the buying or selling of mutual fund units.† Advisors selling no-load mutual funds may charge fees that are not consider sales loads, such as purchase fees, redemption fees and account fees.

Some no-load funds do have early trading charges which are in place to discourage investors from short term trading tactics.† In essence, mutual fund long-term investors are affected by short-term mutual fund traders, as there are associated costs incurred by the fund for the purchase and sale of securities within the fund.

No-load funds offer the same type of potential returns that offer funds offer.† Investors should not think that no-load funds will incur lower returns as a result of management of the funds.† Mutual fund companies make their money on the management fees within the fund, known as the MER.† Advisors on the other hand make their money from their own management fees, or the loads associated with mutual fund investments.

Mutual fund values are not guaranteed and individuals can lose money on mutual fund investments.† Investors should read the mutual fund prospectus prior to making an investment decisions.† Mutual fund purchases should be made taking into consideration an individualís investment experience, investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance level.

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