Insured Annuities

Insured Annuities are in essence an insurance strategy, and not specifically a single insurance product.† The insured annuity strategy combines two products, a prescribed annuity, and life insurance, which is typically a Term 100 policy.† Prescribed annuities are used as a result of providing investors with greater after-tax cash flow which would be used to cover the insurance premiums on the life insurance component of the insured annuity strategy.†

Insured annuities are typically suited for conservative investors seeking income from non-registered investments who wish to preserve their capital for their heirs.††

If for example an investor was seeking monthly income and had $200,000 to invest; with the Insured Annuity strategy they would purchase $200,000 worth of Term 100 life insurance and a prescribed annuity that provides guaranteed cash flow only during oneís life.† A portion of the annuity income would be used to cover the insurance premiums associated with the life insurance, and upon death, the insurer would pay a death benefit to the named beneficiary of the policy.†

Insured annuities may be suitable for investors who wish to avoid riskier investments and who require income from non-registered investments.† In addition, they would be only available to individuals who are insurable, as part of the insured annuity is life insurance.†

An insured annuity strategy cannot be cancelled or sold.† The capital invested in the annuity would only be paid out at death of the insured individuals with proceeds from the Term 100 life insurance policy.†

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