Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance provides individuals and families with insurance protection in the event of an accident which results in the death or serious of an individual. 

In most cases Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance is added to an insurance policy as a rider, however it is also available as a stand-alone product from some insurers. 

The amount of coverage and/or payments is based on the type of accident or injury. Most types of AD&D insurance will cover both loss, which is defined in most cases as “severance”, and “loss of use” which is defined as “irrecoverable and total”.

Coverage for AD&D policies in many cases is based on a multiple of one’s salary, or a predetermined set amount. In the event of death, when AD&D is a rider on a life insurance contact, an additional benefit is paid to the beneficiary. 

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