Term-to-100 Life Insurance

Term 100 Life Insurance is a popular form of life insurance in Canada. Premiums for term 100 or term to 100 life insurance are set for life of the insured individual. This type of term life insurance is considered a form of permanent life insurance. In many cases, insurers will allow the purchase of term 100 life insurance at any age, however, most will have qualifying conditions. Term 100 life insurance is one of the components in the insured annuity strategy or concept. 

Premiums for term 100 life insurance are higher than term 10, term 20 and term 30 life insurance. However, the cost of this type of insurance is in most cases less than other forms of permanent insurance. 

Summary of Term 100 Life Insurance:

  • More expensive than term 10 and term 20 life insurance
  • Premiums are set and guaranteed for life
  • Permanent insurance is provided
  • Widely available from many life insurance companies
  • Provides adequate life insurance protection for a variety of purposes
  • Easy to purchase and establish

This type of insurance is covered by Assuris within certain limits. Most insurance companies and policies are covered by Assuris and individuals should look at how insurance policies are covered by visiting the Assuris website.

Term 100 insurance provides individuals with a suitable solution to deal with longer term insurance needs. Individuals should always consult with experienced insurance agents. Every individual and each family has unique circumstances and needs. 

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