RateSave Canada provides individuals with full use of our 25 financial calculators. RateSave Canada has a unique set of mortgage calculators allowing individuals to calculate mortgage payments, mortgage amortization tables, mortgage interest rate savings, mortgage qualification and much more. Find out how many years you can shorten your mortgage by making accelerated bi-weekly payments versus standard monthly payments or find out your potential savings by consolidating your debt or re-financing your mortgage.

Individuals interested in investment and financial calculators can compare savings rates, compound interest, investment goals, retirement income, RRIF income, and much more. Find out what your savings will be worth at retirement, or find out how much your savings will payout during your retirement years.

RateSave Canada's insurance calculators allow individual to calculate insurance needs, life expectancy and more.

Use our free Credit Score Calculator and get your estimated credit score in seconds. Learn what steps are needed to ensure your credit score improves over time.

All our calculators are tailored for Canadian market and using Canadian dollars.

There is no fee to use our financial calculators so feel free to use them to prepare and print personalized reports and calculations.

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